04/29/14 - The blog will not be updated after the week of 04/28/2014 - 05/04/2014. The last items posted will be Cinderella. The blog will still be online for your use. If you use any pictures from this blog on your webpage, I only ask that you give proper credit and do not remove the watermark. Thanks so much for the support over the past 2 years, it is much appreciated. Best wishes to you all. ♥

This is a fan page dedicated to the Pet City game. I only post items that are no longer available in the stores + any special collections and limited items. I hope that you enjoy :) I am not affiliated with Pet City. No copyright infringement intended. I'm just a fan.
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Updates - 12/01

Updates include:
Royal - OWO, GC & Coin LE
Thanksgiving - OWO, GC & Coin LE
Plymouth Rock Collection
Fox Cub Banner Offer
Halloween 2013 - All items that left the shop

Animated Fox Cub ~ Banner Offer

Plymouth Rock - Collection Items (Thanksgiving 2013)

Thanksgiving 2013 - GC

Thanksgiving 2013 - Coin

Thanksgiving 2013 - OWO

Royal - GC

Royal - Coin

Royal Week - OWO